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The new generation Yamaha Nmax 155 presents Southeast Asia

The global version of the scooter model changes design, adds technology, and sells two versions.

Compared to the old generation, Nmax 155 2020 redesigned and sharpened. LED headlights upgraded to LED HID, the windshield is more curved than before. Turn signals lighten the style and place lower. New split LED taillights, similar to the elder XMax 250.

Vehicles equipped with driver assistance technologies such as Start / Stop, SMG (Smart Motor Generator), additional traction control system TCS (Traction Control System). Keyless smart lock system, front drawers integrated mobile device charging socket. New digital dashboard Two-channel ABS brakes. After sports shock absorbers with external oil tank upgrade.

In the new generation Nmax, the Japanese automaker introduces Y-Connect (Yamaha Motorcycle Connect) technology via optional bluetooth protocol to the dashboard. This app allows notifications about calls and messages, location, maintenance schedules, fuel consumption.

The engine on the new generation Nmax 155 remains the same, the Bluecore technology engine with a single cylinder of 155 cc capacity, liquid-cooled, electronic fuel injection, capacity of 18 horsepower, torque maximum torque 13.9 Nm. Variable-speed valve transmission gearbox.

2020 Yamaha Nmax 155 is sold in Indonesia with 2 versions including Connected and ABS. Unpublished selling price. Not only selling in the Indonesian market, Nmax also exports to many other countries, notably Europe.

Nmax is another name NM-X in Vietnam and this product is no longer on the market. Nmax competes with rival Honda PCX.

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