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These points persuade Vietnamese guests on Toyota Innova and Fortuner

Two high-rise Toyota models are often the top-selling cars in the market thanks to the tendency of Vietnamese people to use high-roar multipurpose cars.

"SUVs are dominating the world market, everywhere," said Felipe Munoz, an analyst at multinational market analysis firm JATO Dynamics. "This is a long-term trend and is spreading rapidly to markets like Brazil, India and Southeast Asia." In Vietnam, the SUV and MPV segment is crowned thanks to its versatility and practicality, Fortuner and Innova are two typical examples.

Since its launch, Fortuner and Innova are the two best-selling models in the market, leading the mid-sized SUV and MPV segment in Vietnam. Fortuner and Innova are two of the five models of the global multi-purpose vehicle project of Toyota Motor Corporation Japan. The purpose of the project is to produce pickup trucks and multi-purpose vehicles of global quality, introduced and sold in 140 countries around the world.

In the past, SUVs were often known as purely functional cars, their designs were rough and had poor comfort. And MPV is a versatile vehicle thanks to the ability to switch between carrying people and goods, thanks to folding rear seats. But now, these two cars are significantly upgraded by manufacturers, even not inferior to many high-end sedans.

Statistics on vehicle sales in Vietnam show that users are increasingly interested in SUV, MPV and pickup segment. Some firms are also strong, cut off the sedan or hatchback segment to focus on distributing these three models.

Although in two different segments, but Innova and Fortuner inherit the typical advantages of Toyota vehicles such as solid chassis system, rear-wheel drive system (or two bridges), spacious interior space and Optimal fuel consumption.

Cumulative total sales for Fortuner and Innova, respectively, are over 92,000 and 136,000 vehicles, showing some of the Vietnamese people's preference for these two models. Toyota has equipped a range of comfort features for two models such as Eco-Power flexible driving mode, sport shift paddles, 7 airbags, automatic throttle, touch-screen DVD player, reversing camera with sensors. .and both models meet ASEAN NCAP 5-star safety standards.

Having achieved certain success in Vietnam, Toyota expressed a higher desire, that is emotion.

"Toyota is paying more attention to the personal feelings of both the driver and the passenger so that the car becomes more interesting and exciting when driving," the company representative said. "The success of Fortuner, Innova or Toyota cars in general is built from the foundations of core values ​​such as persistence, economical, strong, economical and safe."

Recently, Toyota Vietnam dealer system has launched a big promotion at the end of the year. Accordingly, customers buying Vios, Altis, Innova and Fortuner cars and paying 100% from November 6 to December 31, 2019 at genuine dealers and branches will be offered up to VND 100 million, depending on the model. .

Specifically, customers will be given a free service coupon when buying any version of Vios. Toyota dealers support a part of the registration fee and donate 1 year of Toyota body insurance worth from VND 50 - 55 million for Corolla Altis.

Buyers will receive a partial registration fee, a 1-year Toyota body insurance and a free service voucher for Fortuner 2.4 AT 4x2 and 2.4 MT 4x2, worth VND 50 - 100 million depending on the version. Toyota dealers also partially supported the registration fee and presented a free service voucher worth VND 50 million for Innova E 2.0 MT.

In addition, Toyota Finance Vietnam applies a 0% interest rate in the first 6 months to individual customers when buying a car at authorized dealers nationwide. At the same time, the company launched the program "Safe driving - Safe home" to pay tribute to customers.

Users who do maintenance services from November 6 to December 31, 2019 will also receive a 20% discount on replacement of annual wear and tear spare parts such as shock absorbers, taper discs, brake pads, brake pads, cam belts and rain-wiping rubber belonging to all codes for all Toyota models. Dealers donated glass washing water when doing engine care services, specifically engine rinse or injector cleaning.

Tuan Vu


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